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We want to give you the upmost welcome to our page “Life in your Hands”. We are a non-profit organization (501 C3) designed to educate, guide and fight for the civil rights of individuals and families that suffered from domestic violence, sexual abuse, bullying and other social problems.  We work very hard educating our communities along with public and private agencies bringing (up to date/updated) information about services and existing alternatives.

Among some of the services we offer there is Princesses and Knights, Confident Woman, Safe Families, Safety and Familiarization workshops with Self Defense, and prevention of harassment "Bullying" workshops.  We also have the Alliance of Churches against Domestic Violence where we trained and educate faith base leaders and their members to work with people suffering from these social problems.

As a domestic violence survivor, activist and counselor, my commitment and responsibility will always be, bring current information and services that contribute to the eradication of domestic violence and other social problems in our community.

To host one of these workshops in your workplace, church, community, information on the services that we offer, or how we can help you please contact Bethzaida Garcia

Founder / Director 407-414-2473 / life in your hands


Beth Garcia

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